I started checking out some of the delicious alternatives mentioned on the searchengineland.com site.  Here are some initial impressions of one of them:  Diigo.

Digo can do what Delicious does, and more.  It is easy to import your bookmarks from Delicious. Using the Firefox plug-in,  you can add notes and highlight sections of the pages you bookmark .  You can save a cached version for archival purposes, and include a graphic image of the page.

It integrates well with Firefox.  You can preview a bookmark right from your “Library” by clicking the “preview” button.  I think it’s pretty slick, but way more than you need if you just want to save bookmarks.

On the downside:  1) Free accounts are limited and come with advertising 2) The current holiday color scheme is annoying (presumably this is temporary) 3) No blackberry app.  4)  No way (that I can see) to backup or transfer your data in case you need to move it elsewhere.

Last modified on 2010-12-29