Delicious Alternatives: Evernote


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Delicious Alternatives: Evernote

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Another delicious alternative mentioned on the article was Evernote.

Evernote is an interesting and potentially useful program.  Like Diigo it does a lot more than manage bookmarks.  However, I would not recommend  it as a Delicious replacement.  I think Diigo or Pinboard is a better choice, unless you also want all the other functionality Evernote brings.

You can import your delicious bookmarks into Evernote, but it may not be easy.   According to these instructions on Evernote’s support site:

The result will be a single note in Evernote that contains all of your Delicious links and any associated notes. Tags won’t be carried over. It’s completely searchable and all of the links continue to work as before.

That’s not very impressive, is it?  The correct one-to-one relationship would be one note per bookmark, and the tags are pretty important.   (Check the comments section after these instructions for user-supplied scripts that may do a better job).

Evernote looks more like a competitor to Microsoft’s OneNote product to me, which is how I’d evaluate it if I were interested in that functionality.

I tried saving new bookmarks using both Evernote’s IE add-on and FireFox plug-in.  The bookmarks were saved as notes with the content of the page in the note.  Invariably, the formatting of the page in the note was messed up, and going to a particular web site required me to open the note first and click on a button to open the site (in both the Windows and the web client.)

You can also save a link manually without having a copy of the web page.  This apparently is not as easy as it used to be, as outlined in this thread from Evernote’s support.

Basically, whatever Evernotes merits as an overall system, it does not appear to be a good replacement for the basic Delicious functionality.   It might be a reasonable alternative to  Microsoft OneNote, however.

Valen Jones

Valen Jones